What after DM/MCh?

Getting a DM/MCh degree is a matter of pride. Congratulations!

But after coming out of college are you still worried? What are your concerns? Whether you would find a job of your expectations or whether the hard work you have put in by studying for 12-15 years will finally pay off or not and so on…

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It’s alright! You will figure out all the options for your future. There is a vast ocean of opportunities for you to dive in, make sure you have enough and accurate information about your possibilities and place your decision responsibly.

To put things into prospect let’s consider few options, hope this will clarify your confusion. Some of the options are as follows:

  • Fellowship: Either you can apply for fellowship programs if you still have the courage and time to study. You will need to build both a strong academic record and a portfolio of medical experiences so far. This option will give you the chance to build a very technically sound personality.
  • Foreign practice: Or you can explore foreign nations as expat by practicing for couple of years so that you can explore medicine of outside world. As some foreign countries have really good healthcare market at present, you can get benefitted from being a part of their facility. We can guide you through this.
  • Build your own facility: You can build your own medical centre in your hometown or place of your choice, after acquiring sufficient experience and money. This way you will be able to contribute in the well being of people in your hometown.
  • Academics: Starting an academic career in a reputed institute is a great option as you can spread the knowledge you have gained over the years and inspire young people the way you were inspired in your past.

You will start a new journey after acquiring DM/MCh. degree, which will amaze you, because you will encounter more respect than ever. This responsibility of dealing with human life is surely overwhelming. We hope to see you create many more clinical milestones in the field of medical sciences.

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