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Job in Medical College : WHY NOT ?

Medical colleges are academic institutions, which provide courses for graduation and Post graduation studies in Medicine. Some of these also provide Super-speciality courses. Getting into medical college is a dream of a vast section of Indian youth. This can be verified with the fact that India is amongst the countries with highest number of doctors graduating every year. Some of the benefits of working in a Medical College as a faculty are;

Good Academic Career and Experience: Doctors get a benefit of teaching experience in a medical college, which adds to their credentials and relevant experience. Also they can write many publications and research work can also be carried out.

Higher Patient Volumes: Due to the low doctor: patient ratio in the country, the attending doctors are very busy. This gives you the opportunity to be part of complex cases, specialized procedures and interaction with other specialities. Many medical colleges have large hospitals attached to them, which gives an opportunity to both the students and faculty to practice meticulously.

Reputation as a Surgeon/Physician: Having worked or working in a medical college, gives you a better reputation, considering the academic involvement and exposure to latest research.

To summarize, the fulfillment of the increasing demand of quality healthcare services in India, highly depends on the skill-sets of faculty and doctors coming out of the medical colleges.

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