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Full time v/s visiting Consultant

Hospitals have to be better managed , because patients, bill payers and resource providers to hospitals are seeking higher quality care, lower costs and better outcomes. More physicians now-a-days want to work for large hospitals to explore their options. Keeping up with part time consultants is not an easy task for the hospital though.

What are the pros and cons of full time and part time consulting?

Everyone have their own views on this topic, just like Anesthesiologist Karen S. Sibert, M.D. wrote in A New York Times opinion piece “Medicine shouldn’t be a part-time interest to be set aside if it becomes inconvenient; it deserves to be a life’s work,”. Many doctors view part time consulting as an opportunity to reach to more patients at multiple locations.

Healthcare sector has loads of opportunity and challenges. India has  a growing trend of privatising hospitals, to improve living standards and facilities. Building of hospitals/medical centres is need of the hour; and this also generates job opportunity in rural areas.

I am here to put forward some pros and cons of practicing medicine full-time and part-time. But it’s upto you to decide which one is more convenient,as both have their own merits.

Work as Full time consultants

Full time work lets you keep your full time salary, in addition to benefits. Also, Better work environment with full time care teams as departments leads to better patient care. In addition to new specialists, also this is now a good option for experienced physicians, who have practiced part time consultation for a long time and finally want to settle at one place.

Work as visiting consultants

The hospital does not have to pay anything without first earning it. By attaching physician practices, from vicinity of the hospital, work can be done in greater numbers very easily. Patients who don’t have the time and resources to travel long distance to get the necessary treatment, can be benefitted by the concept of visiting practice.

Visiting doctors are usually attached to multiple hospitals and bill patients directly if they so wish. The other problem is getting a diverse group to work as a team when required, for special cases.

The new generations of doctors have high ambitions and merely doing a nine-to-five job is not what they want. When institutes like AIIMS, Apollo and Fortis give them a chance to explore different work environment and technological support, then why should they let it go?

It’s not a matter of preference, but it’s a matter of purpose. So work the way you like it, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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